Are back problems preventing you from maintaining your lawn?

At Kwick Kleen Cleaning Services we offer a package that includes your front and back yard carefully mowed and weeded. This service is offered throughout the 27-week season from May 1 to October 31.

The following are the type of Lawn Maintenance we frequent throughout GTA and surrounding areas.

Rental Properties: We understand it’s not easy for landlords to travel across the Greater Toronto Area to perform tasks like mowing the lawn; so we can schedule our maintenance throughout our 27 week season.

Aging Parents: Due to age, illness an even physical strength issues household tasks can become difficult for aging parents to maintain.

Selling Your Home: A well maintained lawn adds curb appeal to your home. A home with poor curb appeal is likely way to turn away potential buyers looking for a house to the next listings before they’ve even seen the interior of the home.The opposite can also happen that if a house has great curb appeal can also attract countless interested people.

We are fully equipped to handle any sized residential or commercial property.