Home Staging

Are you planning on selling your house? Want to leave a good impression on your real-estate agent as well as any potential buyers?

Staging your home is the best way to sell. It will not only help you sell it quicker but it will also leave enough growing room for a reasonable or highly-profited price. The time wasted on looking for the right accessories can pay dividends to your selling time. Not to mention the continued cost of managing the mortgage and maintenance. Staging your home is a truly remarkable form of home advertisement that is very effective. It gives clients a sense of what they really want in a home.

People want to envision seeing themselves and their families in the home.

When a house is empty there are so many things that can happen during a showing even when it’s cleaned.

  1. They cannot tell the difference between rooms during a showing, nor can they tell the real functionality of a room and whether or not it could suite their needs or lifestyle.
  2. It’s hard for sellers to look at your house and envision their furniture
  3. When there is no furniture buyer’s look for flaws:
    • Closet to small
    • Wallpaper has to change
    • Holes on the walls
    • Light fixtures not centered

Empty rooms cause distractions from the rest of the house. It also makes the seller wonder if something is wrong with the house and maybe work needs to be done that you didn’t care to put money into it.

After thorough a cleaning we prepare your home for staging with your existing furniture and accessories.At times furniture, area rugs, lighting and accessories may be removed completely or rearranged from room to room.

Our Home Staging team rents furniture and accessories to showcase your home. By doing this it guides home buyers in seeing the full potential.If needed we can also rent furniture, mirrors and accessories to further enhance the overall appeal of the home, providing a more desirable home than any other home on the market resulting in a faster and more profitable sale.

Here at Kwick Kleen Cleaning Services, we turn your home into a product of competition.


  • Statistically Sell Faster
  • Require Less Marketing Money for Real Estate Agents
  • Sells Your Home for Top Dollar
  • Attract a Broader Range of Buyers
  • Can Appraise for Better Price
  • Should be Staged to Sell Your Vacant Home

At Kwick Kleen Cleaning Services, we provide a wide range of services and all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.