De-Cluttering and Organizing

Having trouble finding that important document under all your mess? Do you feel as though it’s time to get organized? At Kwick Kleen, we also provide you with one of the most dependable de-cluttering and organizing teams in Ontario. We assist our customers in organizing all sections of their home. Our services will transform your room or space into a beyond eligible showroom-style office, living room, walk-in closet, or even bathroom.

What Is Clutter?

Clutter can be considered a stack of old magazine issues gathering dust and creating a fire hazard; however, it goes beyond the obvious. Disorganized cabinets and drawers containing various objects and papers or a desk that has stacks of bills and papers are obvious eye-sores and a big cluttered mess. Clutter can also refer to clothing; dresser drawers, closets, and offices can be easily crowded if you simply pile clothes on top of each other instead of taking the time to organize, fold, and neatly place them in an orderly fashion. A closet that’s stuffed so full of clothing and other items, preventing the door from closing shut is a sign its time to de-clutter and organize.

At Kwick Kleen Cleaning Services, we provide a wide range of services and all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Your kitchen can also be one of the most cluttered areas of your home and is the worst place to accumulate clutter. The kitchen is where your food is stored and cooked anddisorganized kitchen cabinets and drawers can affect your health.. Clutter in the kitchen can also be considered as dirty dishes in the sink, a dirty stove and a dirty oven. All of these things create blockages so that the positive energy in your home can be polluted and can ruin the feng-shui of the household.


Another good example of a commonly cluttered area would be your garage. If you have possessions or chemicals that have spilled over into your garage, this signals the deadline for your clutter; it is definitely time to get organized. Your garage was created to hold yard equipment, tools and your vehicles. Once you reclaim this space for its rightful purpose, you will discover a brand new flow of comfort throughout your home.


Lastly, attics are great for additional storage space of seasonal items; however, your attic can also be considered a contribution to your garage storage problem. Organize your attic and get rid of anything you haven’t used within the past five years.